My typical client

I don’t work with everybody.

See if we are a match:

I don’t work with these guys

  • Guys that are under 21 years. 
  • Guys that have no goals in their life.
  • Guys that are not willing to look inwards and be honest with themselves.
  • Guys that are not willing to upgrade their style and improve their grooming.
  • Guys what only motivation is getting laid. 


I work with these type of guys

  • Guys that are ambitious and career driven.
  • Guys that have a positive attitude.
  • Guys who look for genuine connections and relationships.
  • Guys who are ready to have an more honest & mature dating life.
  • Guys that are ready to learn, improve and put in a serious effort.
  • Guys that can be honest with themself (Don’t mistake my directness with rudeness)
  • Guys that are ready to take action on my tips on style and grooming (that still fit your personality)